Check out this video i found on youtube about this 8 year old pageant contestants that has been doing pageants for 3 years now and expects to win all her pageants. she hates people being in her “spotlight” and cant handle loosing . she can be really rude and mean to other contestants.


France Banning Pageants


The senate of France approved the ban of beauty pageants for children under 16 for being sexualized too early. After a 197-146 vote the new law was made. The ban would include up to two years in prison and $30,000 fines for anyone who entered a child under 16 years old in a France pageant. I think banning pageant for kids under 16 was a good idea because it’s demeaning to girls and makes them think they have to look perfect not only in pageants but where ever they go. Here’s the article on the banning what’s your opinion on this? Do you think the senate was right or wrong?


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Hi, I am a student in grade 7 researching children beauty pageants.   I am researching beauty pageants because I find this topic interesting and fascinating and there are some cool information on it.  I’ve learned many things about pageants like:

There are around 3000 beauty pageants worldwide and about 3million kids enter pageants each year.

You have to pay at least $250-$800 to enter the pageant.

Most of the pageants are usually in California, Florida, New Jersey, and new York.

Large state pageants earn up to $100.000 per pageant.   

I’m very interested in your opinion about beauty pageants because some people are strongly against it. Follow me at ChildsPageant on twitter for more interesting information on beauty pageants.